Project duration: 2003 – 2005

Client: Ministry of Sea, Transport, Tourism and Development, Ministry of Economy, Min. of Foreign Affairs

Origin of funding: Ministry of Science, Education and Sports

The main feature of current international relations is on one hand unrecorded levels of globally linked production, cross border financial transactions and international trade, and on the other the complexity of political and economic implications of such processes.
The economic analysis alone is insufficient for finding viable answers to quick changes and adjustments of Croatian economy and therefore these problems were dealt with interdisciplinary. In this context, it was necessary that the research of determinants for the areas of sustainable regional development, restructuring and competitiveness of Croatia, also to include the international political conditions or the processes in these areas.
The expected results were of two kinds: theoretic-methodological and practical-applicable character. In the first case they contributed to the development of economics and politics of transition whose important components are international integration, regional development, restructuring and competitiveness. It also gave scientific support to bearers of economic policy in this region. The research was done through theoretic and empirical comparative analysis and case studies and both quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis were applied. The existing and new data basis were further developed.

Type of services provided
Research, policy study, consulting and technical assistance; conferences, workshops, training, manuals, guides, proceedings, books

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