Project duration: 9/2006 – 9/2007

Client: INA d.d. Croatian oil and gas industry

The purpose of this project is to support the overal national goal of reducing the CO2 emission, which is one of the important issues of ecological changes and pollution. The goal of this project is to, in cooperation with experts from INA – Naftaplin, identfy key development chalenges and identfy new business activities. Namely, from 1995 to 2002 the emission of green-house gasses in Croatia had been slowly increasing, in average 3,3 % annually. The greatest influence on the emission of green-house gasses has energy sector, 75,8 %, agriculture, 10,8 % and industry, 9 %. If the increase of emission continues, the Kyoto Protocole limit will soon be reached and even surpassed, which can cause an obstruction in the work of the company. Therefore, this research will deal with technical, technological, economic and socially sustainable possibilities which will create the preconditions for minimasing the risk of emission increase, with simultaneous realisation of positive business results. The expected results are of two kinds: theoretic-methodological and practical-applicable character. The existing and new data basis are going to be further developed.

Type of Services Provided

Research, policy study, consulting and technical assistance, training, manuals, guides.

The research will show how to achieve the goals through:

    1. Administrative measures
    2. Improvement of energy efficiency (short and long term measures)
    3. Projection of costs for emission of green-house gasses according to segments of INA’s activities
    4. Projection of overall INA’s costs for emission of green-house gasses
    5. Possible monitoring methods of emission of green-house gasses
    6. Ecological benefits and time scale of EOR project
    7. Possibilities for technological cooperation within energy sector
    8. Possibilities for financing and co-financing by EU pre-accession funds
    9. Inclusion of INA to European market with CO2 shares
    10. Possibilities for INA to participate in CDM projects
    11. Possibilities for INA to participate in JI projects
    12. Possibilities for INA to buy CO2 shares on EU ETS market
    13. Recommendations
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