Project duration: 03/2005 – 03/2006

Client: HTSPE

Origin of Funding: CARDS

Partners: Institute of Economics, Croatia, Regional Development Agency Mura, Slovenia, IAGO limited, UK

Description of Project – Objectives

    • To seek for enhancing the development of the Slovenian, Hungarian and Croatian border region through the successful implementation of cross-border cooperation programmes.
    • To provide for the successful management of the Neighbourhood Programme (NP), SLOVENIA / HUNGARY / CROATIA in the period: 2004 – 2006;
    • To raise the capacity for programme management of the Croatian national authorities (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration /MFAEI);
    • To raise the capacity for project preparation of the Croatian project stakeholders;
    • To raise the capacity for project management of the Croatian direct beneficiaries.

The experts have provided technical assistance related to the management of the neighbourhood programme, and advised the MFAEI and potential beneficiaries. Support was provided to the Croatian Info Point also by dissemination of publicity for the grant scheme “call for proposals” as well as by way of providing information, training and advice to potential applicants related to application procedures. All consultants have supported the Ministry and the contracting authority in the implementation of grant schemes. This included:

    • Training workshops for potential applicants. This training included “lessons learnt” from an earlier grant scheme in the same sector.
    • Assistance to evaluation committees (assessor tasks), contract preparation, monitoring and follow up of project implementation.

Type of Services Provided

The following specific support and associated activities have been delivered:

    • Support to the Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) – a Croatian JTS expert has performed all necessary programme management functions in line with the tasks of the JTS including, receiving project applications, organising pre-evaluation phase of project applications, providing joint recommendations to the Joint Selection Committee (JSC), providing advice to potential project partners, dealing with day-to-day management tasks of the programme;
    • Support to the National info point – a Croatian expert based at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (provided by the Institute for International Relations) and working under the supervision of the Head of Department for Regional Programmes, Cross-border, Transnational and Interregional Cooperation has facilitated programme management from the Croatian side, and provided TA related to the management of the NP, advised the MFAEI and potential direct beneficiaries, and supported the Croatian NIP by dissemination of publicity for the grant scheme “Call for Proposals” (CfP), provided information, training and advice to potential project promoters concerning application procedures;
    • Support to grant scheme implementation – an International expert working with the 2 above-mentioned Croatian experts have provided training workshops for potential applicants, including ‘lessons learned’ from earlier relevant grant schemes, direct beneficiary contract preparation, monitoring and follow-up of awarded grant project implementation; furthermore, 2 locally appointed assessors have undertaken administratively and eligibility compliance check, as well as quality assessment of administratively compliant and eligible proposals
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