Authors: Nevenka Čučković, Krešimir Jurlin and Valentina Vučković

Title of articleMeasuring regional competitiveness: the case of Croatia

Journal: Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, 13 (4):503-523
Publisher: Routledge

Year: 2014

Print ISSN 1468-3857

Online ISSN 1743-9639

The authors analyse both theoretical and methodological controversies related to measurement of the competitiveness of regions. Within such context they assess the results of the empirical survey conducted in Croatia in 2010 on the basis of which the key potentials for international competitiveness and rank of Croatian regions are determined. The analysis is based on combination of statistic data and perceptive indicators which assess the quality of business environment and the capacities for entrepreneurship development of specific regions. Stratification and rank of the regions is based on their main competitive strengths and weaknesses which are measured by the number of selected indicators and separately created composite Regional Competitiveness Index (RCI).


An article is available online: Measuring regional competitiveness: the case of Croatia

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