IRMO researchers Anastasya Raditya Ležaić, Dr. Ana-Maria Boromisa and Dr. Sanja Tišma have published a paper entitled „Comparative Analysis of Education for Sustainable Development and the Need for Experts in Sustainable Development in Croatia“ in the journal Social Ecology Vol. 27 (2018) No. 2.

In the paper the concept of sustainable development was first explored. Secondly, the concept of education for sustainable developement  is examined, first by looking at the recommendations for education for sustainable development given by international organizations, and then by analysing different ways in which they are implemented in different countries and at different levels of education (pre-school, primary and secondary school, higher education). In the third part of the paper we examine the current situation in Croatia. Alongside the analysis of existing programmes and research, we present previously unpublished results of our research on the need of Croatian employers for experts in sustainable development. The results reveal that the employers in Croatia are aware of the need to employ experts for sustainable development.


The full paper (in Croatian language only) can be downloaded here: https://hrcak.srce.hr/file/307141

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