Authors: Sanja Tišma, Ana-Maria Boromisa, Marina Funduk, Helena Čermak

Publisher: Alinea, Zagreb

Year: 2017

Alinea publishing house, has published the book by Sanja Tišma, Ana-Maria Boromisa, Marina Funduk, researchers from the Institute for Development and International Relations and Helena Čermak from the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds of the Republic of Croatia, entitled Environmental Policy and Development. The publication is a result of long-standing research experience of authors in the field of environmental protection, environmental policies and their implementation on global, national and local levels, as well as new green development themes that contribute to achieving a global survival. Particular emphasis is placed on water management, waste management and nature protection, as well as on current challenges such as the transition to the circular economy, the establishment of environmental security, the prevention of marine litter, climate change and the introduction of the concept of bio-economy into the Croatian economy.
The book will help the scientific and academic community, environmental specialists, students and the general public to find in one place the review of the most important issues of environmental protection and new development themes important for sustainable development.
The reviewers of the book are PhD Matija Franković, prof PhD Ranko Biondić and Ivo Šlaus, F.C.A.

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