IRMO OP 1_2014- naslovnica kao slika

For the publisher: Sanja Tišma, PhD, Director

Editorial Board: Ana-Maria Boromisa, PhD,  Nevenka Čučković, PhD, Krešimir Jurlin, PhD

ISSN 1849-0220

IRMO Occasional Papers is an electronic publication of IRMO’s Department for International Economic and Political Relations. It aims to publish short and thought-provoking policy papers based on more extensive international comparative research, in order to promote its visibility to the Croatian academic audience. Copyright is held by the authors.

Frequency: occasional

Past issues:

IRMO Occasional Papers 1/2018  – “Permanent Contracts and Job Satisfaction in Academia: Evidence from European Countries” / Fulvio Castellacci, Clara Viñas-Bardolet
IRMO Occasional Papers 1/2016 – Innovation and Access to Finance / Michele Cincera and Anabela Santos
IRMO Occasional Papers 1/2015 – Does EU Regulation Hinder or Stimulate Innovation? / Jacques Pelkmans, Andrea Renda
IRMO Occasional Papers 1/2014 – CEE Economies in the New Millennium: Their Strengths, Vulnerabilities and Forthcoming Challenges / Marek Dabrowski
IRMO Occasional Papers 1/2013 – FDI, Structural Change and Productivity Growth: Global Supply Chains at Work in Central and Eastern European Countries / Jože Damijan, Črt Kostevc, Matija Rojec
IMO Occasional Papers 2/2012 – Socio-economic developments in the Enlargement countries and the need for evidence based policy making / Will Bartlett
– Preferential Trading Agreements and Economic Reforms in Developing Countries / Leonardo Baccini, Johannes Urpelainen

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