Authors: Carlo Corazza in cooperation with Alfredo Višković

Publishers: Lider Press, IRMO

Year: 2010

ISBN 978-953-7724-04-7

The book deals with the third energy package of the European Union and the relationships between climate and energy policy. It represents a process of policy making and activities aimed at achieving the objectives and it outlines the relationship between traditional energy and environmental policy, and attempts to use new technologies necessary to reduce negative impacts on the environment and initiate competitiveness and create new opportunities for growth and employment. Problematic policy areas are reviewed, especially sometimes conflicting national interests, which makes the adoption and implementation of a common European policy more difficult. Croatia, as part of the Energy Community of South East Europe, has undertaken the obligations of European policies and thus the obligation to harmonize the complex political, economic and technical issues related to the single energy market in Southeast Europe and its linking with the EU.

This publication is available only in Croatian.

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