Authors: Valerija Barada, Jaka Primorac, Edgar Buršić

Publisher: Foundation ” Kultura nova “

Year: 2016

In the co-authorship with doc. dr. sc. Valerija Barada from the University of Zadar and PhD Edgar Buršić from the University of Pula, PhD Jaka Primorac from IRMO’s Department for Culture and Communication published a book “Reclaiming Labour. Work Conditions in Civil Society Organizations in the Field of Arts and Culture” that was published by the Foundation „Kultura nova“. The book presents the results of two-year research on the working conditions in civil society organizations in the field of contemporary arts and culture in Croatia. It offers a detailed analysis of quantitative and qualitative data that gives a rich overview into the context, nature and ways of working in the sector.


Information on book is available at the following link (in Croatian): link



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