analiza tržišta elektroničkih publikacija

Publisher: IRMO

Year: 2017

The Analysis of the electronic publications market was conducted by the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO) after the public competition by the Agency for Electronic Media. The study analyses the electronic publications market in Croatia. The electronic publications are defined by the Electronic Media Act (OG 94/13) as program and content published daily, or occasionaly, by publications’ providers on the internet for the purpose of public information and education. The study systematises and integrates existing fragmentary information and enables an overview of unexplored aspects of the electronic publications market. A key feature of the market is a low level of internet usage in the general population, partly attributed to high prices of broadband internet access. Compared to other European countries, internet users in Croatia read online news to a large extent. The reporting speed is considered the main advantage of online news. The main disadvantages include sensationalist reporting, too many advertisements, news with no in-depth analysis, unconfirmed and untrustworthy information as well as spelling and grammar errors. Therefore, it is not surprising that internet users have low levels of trust in the information truthfulness published by Croatian electronic publications. There is also an emphasised concern over privacy, personal data and cyberbullying. Content is accessed mainly through global search engine (Google) and social network services (Facebook). Internet users are not prepared to pay for online content they are currently accessing. This narrows the options for monetising the activities of electronic publications, despite the fact that internet advertising continues to rise.

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