Editor: Višnja Samardžija

Publisher: IRMO

Year: 2018

ISBN 978-953-6096-84-8

The bilingual book “The challenges of European policies implementation in Croatia / Izazovi provedbe europskih politika u Hrvatsko”  is the result of the ERESMUS+ Jean Monnet Support to Institution project “POLO-Cro28 Policy Observatory in Croatia”. The book unites updated versions of the six policy papers previously published on the project website. The authors of contributions are IRMO researchers and external collaborators. In all thematic areas (European Semester, competitiveness, cohesion policy, youth employment, environmental protection policy, energy policy) the starting point was analysis of the EU policy framework and comparative analysis of Croatia’s and some other new Member State’s experiences. The authors prepared recommendations for Croatian policymakers based on their research findings.

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