Učinci gospodarske krize na industrijske odnose

Authors: Hrvoje Butković, Višnja Samardžija and Sanja Tišma

Publisher: IRMO

Year: 2012.

The Book „The Effects of the Economic Crisis on Industrial Relations in Croatia“written by Hrvoje Butković, Višnja Samardžija and Sanja Tišma is a result of the international project „The Economic Crisis Impact on Industrial Relations National Systems: Policy Responses as Key Recovery Tools“implemented with the support of the European Commission and coordinated by the Centre for Economic Development from Sofia. This publication is based on the desk research, interviews with main stakeholders of industrial relations in Croatia as well as the national debate on social dialogue and industrial relations in the time of economic crisis. Research results show that the crisis led to questioning of the routine patterns of industrial relations in Croatia, requesting from the social partner’s re-examination of their current action strategies. Therefore the rapprochement of standpoints of employers, trade unions and the Government on the ways for getting out of the crisis represents a precondition for leading an effective social dialogue the role of which should be strengthened within process of shaping public policies. Although difficult economic circumstances do not represent a favourable context for development of industrial relations the crisis can also be seen as an opportunity for finding quality solutions.

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