We cordially invite you to the Masterclass Lecture with Antonios Vlassis, University of Liège, Belgium, which will be held in hybrid format at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, F22 Hall, Frankopanska 22 in Zagreb and online on the 25th of March 2022 from 5 to 7 p.m. The event will be streamed via IRMO Facebook page.

About the Masterclass:

The rapid expansion of video-on-demand platforms, such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video associated with the advance of digital capitalism makes the European Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) a particularly relevant case for understanding the politics of the digital media policy. The AVMSD includes two key obligations for video-on-demand platforms towards (1) their financial contribution to European and national audio-visual content creation and (2) the presence and prominence of European and national audio-visual works in their online catalogues.

From a policy-making view, four questions arise: why and how did the involved actors in the AVMSD-making process decide to propose new obligations for online platforms? In which ways did global online platforms and audiovisual industry associations deal with European public intervention in the digital audiovisual services? Which kind of views did national governments, as well as European Commission and European Parliament promote towards the new obligations for the online platforms? To what extent can the new AVMSD obligations be diffused abroad in the context of the Covid-19 crisis?

For more information about the event please visit the website of the project at the following link.

Please register for the event at the following link:  https://plateu.irmo.hr/registration-form-for-the-masterclass-lecture/

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