This event, organized as part of the Conference on the Future of Europe, brought together four Croatian experts in the field of security and migration, who presented their views on the current situation in a panel discussion. The panelists were: Saša Rejić, Deputy Ombudsman, Sandro Kenzović, Scientific Adviser from IRMO, Margareta Gregurović, Research Associate from the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies and Filip Dragović, President of the Board of the Institute for Security Policies. The moderator of the conference was Hrvoje Butković, Senior Research Associate from IRMO.

The discussion highlighted the need for creating a balanced European approach to migration that would take into account the protection of the human rights of refugees and migrants, while at the same time increasing the security of the Union’s external borders. The need for enhanced cooperation with the countries and regions from which refugees and migrants originate has also been emphasized. Some presenters underlined the need for sensitizing Croatian public about migration related issues in order for citizens to develop a greater degree of acceptance towards diversity and foreigners. During the discussion about European legislation, it was emphasized that the EU will soon adopt new procedures that should enable fast action in asylum and international protection, in order to prevent the abuse of this instrument.

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