From June 24th to 29th, the biennial international conference of the Social Studies Education Consortium (SSEC) was held at Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech, Morocco. The conference, focused on the continuous deepening of the synergy between education and social sciences, particulary  discussing sustainability and resilience. The conference  brought together scholars from Ghana, Croatia, Ireland, Morocco, the USA, and other countries. Dr. Emina Bužinkić from IRMO presented her research on young refugees from Southeast Asia and North Africa in the educational process in Croatia, focusing on qualitative research methodologies that simultaneously include and empower those involved in the research, from young people to teachers and parents. She presented the research together with Dr. Anna Schick from the University of River Falls in Wisconsin, USA, with whom she is developing work on participatory research practices, collectivity, and social change arising from critical pedagogies of writing and collective memory writing. Additionally, Dr. Bužinkić participated in conference sessions on teaching the Palestinian issue and the genocide in Gaza, as well as the commodification of higher education.

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