The ninth campaign in the framework of the project “Promotion of entrepreneurship in forestry and wood sector” gathered together around 25 participants, out of which are also private forest owners and entrepreneurs in wood sector. It was held in Varaždin on April 27th 2016 in the Galerija coffee shop. The participants had the chance to listen to three different presentations: “Horizon 2020 for SMEs” by Mira MileusnićŠkrtić, MSc, “Possibility of growth and development of entrepreneurship in forestry and wood sector” by Iva Ištok, and “the Importance of Lifelong learning” by Silvija Zec.

Participants showed great interest on the issue of EU funds. Within the campaign, a workshop was also held. In this workshop the participants actively and constructively talked about current challenges in the sector and possible projects ideas to tackle them.

Developing positive attitude toward lifelong learning and promoting entrepreneurial culture in the forestry and wood sector are the main goals of the project, which aims at licensed contractors in forestry, wood processing workers, private woods owners, women entrepreneurs, students of forestry and wood technology schools and unemployed forest engineers and wood technicians. The project also implements high school competition “the best business plan of forestry and wood industry school”, as well as covering the issue of gender equality in the sector. The project is financed by the European social funds and worth HRK 295.220,84, implemented by IRMO in partnership with Croatian Chamber of Engineers of Forestry and Wood Technology. The project started in July 2015 and will be implemented until July 2016.

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