Project duration: 7/2015-7/2016

Project manager: Karolina Horvatinčić

Project coordinator: Anastasya Raditya Ležaić

Promotion of entrepreneurship and crafts in the forestry and wood sector is an educative project worth HRK 295,220.84 which consists of three different kinds of campaigns organized in 14 counties of Croatia and the City of Zagreb, to give insights into best practices, lifelong training, and EU funds for investment in competitiveness. The project is implemented in partnership with the Croatian Chamber of Forestry and Wood Technology Engineers and funded by the European Union from the European Social Fund.
The overall objective is to develop a positive attitude towards lifelong learning and to encourage entrepreneurial culture in the forestry and wood sector. The project has the following target groups: licensed contractors in forestry; workers in wood industry; private forest owners; unemployed forestry and wood processing engineers and technicians; students of forestry and wood-working school; and women entrepreneurs.
Content and location of campaigns
The project organizes three different campaigns in 14 counties and the city of Zagreb for the abovementioned target group. The campaigns aim to promote entrepreneurial culture, develop positive attitude towards lifelong learning and increase the competitiveness of investments from EU funds.

  • “Promotion of entrepreneurship, lifelong learning and new opportunities for the forestry and wood sector” campaigns will be held fourteen times in each of the 14 counties where the forests are among the most important natural resources, with large and underutilized potential for economic development. The campaigns are to be held in Jastrebarsko, Krapina, Sisak, Karlovac, Bjelovar, Gospic, Virovitica, Varazdin, Cakovec, shares and Pazin.
  • Competition for high school students “Best Business Plan of forestry and wood-workingindustry school students” will include 11 mentors and students’ teams (33 students) from all 11 high schools in Croatia which implement forestry and wood processing educational programs.
  • “Women entrepreneurs in the forestry and wood sector” promotion will be organized to present examples of best practices to draw attention of the possibility of entrepreneurship for women in the forestry and wood sector. A short documentary film will be made showing the experience of three successful female entrepreneurs in the forestry and wood sector, which will be viewed in the promotional events and posted on the website of IRMO and partner’s, as well as on social networks portals.
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