“Promotion of entrepreneurship, lifelong learning and new opportunities for the forestry and wood sector” campaign that consisted of three lectures was organized on Friday, January 22nd 2016 in Nova Gradiška. After Nova Gradiška, the same campaign will also be organized in Jastrebarsko, Krapina, Sisak, Karlovac, Koprivnica, Bjelovar, Gospić, Virovitica, Vinkovci, Varaždin, Čakovec, Delnice and Pazin. The themes of the lectures were: “The importance of lifelong learning in forestry and wood working sector” presented by the secretary of HKIŠDT Silvija Zec; “New opportunities in the forestry and wood working sector through EU Funds” presented by project manager Karolina Horvatinčić from IRMO; and “Possibility of growth and development of entrepreneurship in forestry and wood working sector” presented by Iva Ištok.

This project is implemented by IRMO in partnership with the Croatian Chamber of Forestry and Wood Technology Engineers (HKIŠDT).

The overall objective of this project is to develop a positive attitude towards lifelong learning and to encourage entrepreneurial culture in the forestry and wood sector. The target groups of the project are licensed contractors in forestry; workers in the wood industry; private forest owners; unemployed forestry and wood processing engineers and technicians; students of forestry and wood-working schools; and women entrepreneurs.

Except the campaigns, this project also implement a competition of high school students “Best business plan for forestry and wood-working industry school students”; and roundtable “Women entrepreneurs in the forestry and wood sector” to promote the position of women in the forestry and wood sector.

The project is worth HRK 292,220.84 and is financed by the European Union through the European Social Fund, and has officially started on July 20th 2015 when IRMO signed the contract with the Ministry of Labour and Pension System. The project lasts for one year.

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