Hotel Palace, Zagreb

Monday, 16th June 2014

During 2014, the Institute for Development and International Relations in cooperation with the Foundation Hanns Seidel will organize series of round tables on the topic “Perspectives of Small Countries After the First Phase of Their Transition – The Case of Croatia” with the aim of identifying the potential Croatia’s role in the stabilization process of Southeast Europe. The second round table from the mentioned series, “Membership in the EU and NATO – challenges and opportunities” will be held on 16th of June 2014 in the Hotel Palace, Zagreb. Taking into account the fact that on 1st of July 2013 Croatia became full-fledged member of the EU, the mentioned round table will focus on analysing current regional activities of the new member state as well as its realistic potentials for long term stabilization of this part of Europe.


Programme round table. (Croatian)

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