Zagreb Eye, Ilica 1a, Zagreb

October 18, 2017

Conference Common European Solutions for Migration and Refugees organized by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Zagreb, the Canadian Embassy and the Institute for Development and International Relations.

Migration has become one of the key challenges of this day and age. The recent experience of the refugee crises has put the European solidarity to the test, which is evident in the implementation of the EU relocation program. Within the last two years, less than 30,000 refugees have been relocated, meeting thereby only 30% of the target. The harmonization of asylum policies, readiness to cater to the refugees or the lack thereof, illegal migration control and improvement of the European solidarity have been powerful challenges for the European Union. Another important aspect of migration is legal migration. The freedom of movement within the EU is one of the fundamental freedoms. But what are the regulatory mechanisms for the legal migrations of citizens outside the EU? Negative demographic trends, the need for workforce, the protection of the human rights and other reasons have led to the development of policies that regulate legal migration. What is it that the Canadian experience can teach us?

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