29 April 2019

As part of activities within project  “Adaptation of Industrial Relations towards New Forms of Work” on Monday the 29th of April 2019 between 10:00 and 12:30 a training about the impacts of digitalization on the labour market has been held in the premises of IRMO. As part of this event intended for the social partners and the labour market experts Hrvoje Butkovićand Višnja Samardžija from IRMO exposed main finding of the study “The Digital Transformation of the Labour Market in Croatia”. What followed was presentation about difficulties of harmonizing supply and demand on the Croatian labour market held by Predrag Bejaković from the Institute for Public Finance. The third presentation was held by Hrvoje Butkovićfocusing on the challenges of digitalization in the area of social partnership. Following each presentation, a broader debate was started with all participants.

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