Sandro Knezović, PhD, Research Adviser at the Institute for Development and International Relations published an original scientific article entitled Atlanticism After the Cold War – Between Changing Strategic Environment and Conflicting Theoretical Frameworks in the academic journal Balkan Social Science Review (BSSR). The journal is indexed in SCOPUS and is published by the Goce Delcev University in Stip, Republic of North Macedonia. It is designed to encourage interest in all matters relating to law, political sciences and international relations, sociology, media and communications and welcomes research and review articles on all aspects seen within the Balkan context and/or international context, including all interdisciplinary studies within the scope of the Journal.


The published article focuses on the role of Atlanticism in the changing post-Cold War international environment, taking note of the diversity of interests and postulating what shaped the world in that period of time. A broad trend of deregulation of international relations, and challenges it carries along with it, require a thorough strategic analysis. Two capital concepts of international relations theory, realism and constructivism, have been applied and empirically tested by the use of semi-structured interviews in order to adequately assess the position of the phenomena in focus and suggest viable recommendations for the period to come. The paper argues in favour of gradual modification of Atlanticism in accordance with its fundamental values and mindful of strategic challenges it faces in a very dynamic and unpredictable contemporary environment.

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