The July 2023 edition of the IRMO Brief, authored by Krševan Antun Dujmović and Peter Marko Tase deals with the situation in the Karabakh region in the South Caucasus. In the fall of 2020, this region was at the epicentre of a military conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Karabakh, also known as Nagorno-Karabakh in Soviet times, is a region officially within Azerbaijan, but after the collapse of the USSR, it has been controlled by Armenian separatists. However, after the successful Azerbaijani military campaign in 2020, recent statements by the Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan are indicating a possible recognition of Karabakh as part of Azerbaijan. A just peace treaty, that would replace the 2020 ceasefire, would end the tensions between the two countries and bring a lasting peace to the region. The authors also analyse the influence of Türkiye as a key player in the South Caucasus and its contribution to the Azerbaijani victory in 2020.

Picture: Wikipedia [[File:Nagorno-Karabakh conflict (2022).svg|Nagorno-Karabakh_conflict_(2022)]]

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