Project duration: 03/2009 –11/2010

Client: European Commission for the Ministry of Regional Development, Forestry and Water Management / ECORYS Netherlands

Team leader: Jakša Puljiz, PhD

ithin the scope of the project IMO experts continued the work on fi nalizing the draft Regional Development Strategy and the development of the draft Law on Regional Development and several bylaws based on the Law on Regional Development. Especially important contribution given by IMO experts was in the preparation of the Regulation on calculation of the index of development based on which the ranking of all cities, municipalitoes and counties was conducted, according to the level of development, with the aim of identifying local and county units that meet the criteria for acquiring the status of assisted areas. The project has also prepared and presented a model of funding and the selection of regional development projects. The model is based on the indicative allocation of funds for financing at the level of statistical regions and counties in accordance with the degree of development and provides planning resources at the level of priorities and such measures form county development strategies, i.e. development priorities of statistical regions.

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