Project duration: 06/2006- 12/2007

Client: Croatian Employment Service (CES)

Origin of Funding: CARDS 2003 EU

Partner: Diadidikasia S.A. ABU Consult

This project will address the issues of the Croatian Employment Service in regard to the European Employment Strategy (EES) and the National Employment Action Plan (NEAP) 2004. One of the main features of the EES is to achieve the goal of improving the overall employment strategy and its outcomes at the national level. The development of modern labour market institutions is an important element of the European Employment Strategy. The National Employment Action Plan (NEAP) (2005 – 2008) (indorsed 2.12.2006) sets out actions to develop a modern, flexible and high-quality labour supply which is responsive to the market demand as well as to transform Croatian Employment Service (CES) into efficient and effective labour market institution.

Project Deliverables

    • Organisational and service development proposals elaborated and local facilitators/change agents trained to support the introduction/improvement of the organisational and service delivery structures of CES (Analyse EU models of service delivery and organisation of public employment services and their appropriateness for CES; Develop recommendations for organisational development and improvement of service delivery)
    • Strategy and business plan for CES developed in line with EES and NAPE requirements (Support the formation of a Strategic Planning Task Force; Measure CES activities against EES guidelines; Support the development of a vision, a mission and a position statement and the identification of operational targets; Develop a Strategy and a Business Plan; Disseminate the Strategy and Business Plan to managers and CES staff; Assess the change progress and develop vision for future
    • Operational plans developed in the central and regional offices on the basis of the business plan and implementation commenced (Support the development of Operational Plans; Support the implementation of Operational Plans)
    • Skills of CES Managers improved through tailored training (Review management training programmes at CES; Conduct a training needs analysis of key staff; Design management training programme)
    • Feasibility of a National Training Centre and certificated competency-based programme assessed

Type of Services Provided

    • Expert analysis of existing situation and recommendations relevant for CES strategic planning
    • Technical assistance in strategic planning
    • Technical assistance in operational planning
    • Capacity building (Training need analysis and development of training programme for CES management, implementation of training)
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