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Project duration: 09/2010 – 02/2011

Client: Split-Dalmatia County Development Agency Rera Ltd.

Team leader: Jakša Puljiz, PhD

The main objective of the project is to provide expert assistance to the Agency in drafting development strategy. The specific objectives of the project are: to help the regional coordinator in defi ning the methodological framework for collecting input data as the basis for the analysis of the existing state of the economy; provide expert assistance to the County Development Agency and other county agencies involved in the process of the CDS in analysing collected data and defi ning basic findings on strategic sectors of importance for the development of the County; in cooperation with the regional coordinator get actively involved in drafting basic and SWOT analysis in accordance with the Strategy for Regional Development and the Croatian Law on Regional Development and the prescribed methodology, with the participation of experts from the CDA; in cooperation with regional co-ordinator defi ne the vision and strategic objectives, priorities and measures, and provide professional assistance in their preparation; in cooperation with regional coordinator strengthen public participation in the overall development of the county and local self-administration units through partnerships, i.e., the inclusion of relevant stakeholders in the process of developing and implementing the Strategy; contribute to increasing the knowledge and skills of county administration professionals and other key drivers of development to manage the development through the improvement of strategic planning and improving the organisation and leadership of development projects; provide technical assistance in drafting an action plan with the application of the model which links the budget and strategic planning at the county level, developing the institutional framework, implementation, monitoring, reporting and developing a communications strategy.

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