Project duration: 20/09/2023 – 20/10/2023

Client: LiPS – Local and regional self-government

Project manager:  Sanja Tišma, PhD

Representatives of stakeholders from all interest groups from the economic, public and civil sectors, gathered in workshops and consultations and played a key role in the preparation and development of the LRSR. The entire process of developing the LRSR is based on a partnership approach and other principles of the LEADER program (CLLD). As part of this, interactive workshops, meetings, and consultations were held where experiences were exchanged. A survey was conducted to identify potential projects, which served as a basis for identifying development needs, and also for determining measures, investments and projects in the area of FLAG 4R. The Assembly of FLAG 4R adopted this LRSR at the meeting on October 27, 2023, after discussion and agreed amendments.
The LRSR was created using the knowledge, skills and experience of FLAG 4R, representatives of stakeholders from all interest groups in the area of FLAG 4R, and local development advisors.

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