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Project duration: 03/2011-09/2011

Client: Croatian Employment Service- Regional Office Krapina

Origin of funding: EU Funds, grant received under the IPA IV

Team leader:  Krešimir Jurlin, PhD and Marijo Polić

The project was implemented in the scope of the project “Partnership for Development”, within Grant scheme “Local partnership for development” within Operational Programme “Human Resources Development”, financed from the IV. Component Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance Croatian Employment Service every year determinates lists of deficitary occupations on local/regional labour market based on the available information (requested workers according to their occupation, unemployed people in Croatian Employment Service register according to occupations, results of annual employers questionnaire – planned employment and dismissal). There are no clearly defined criteria based on which the list is being defined. The only data that is taken into consideration is provided by Croatian Employment Service. No other labour market stakeholders are included into the determination process. Employer’s information on their long term needs for employees is also missing. Besides all that there is a lack of coordination and formalized partnership among key actors on the labour market. The aim of this activity is to create partnership model of key actors on the labour market for estimation and tracking of deficitary occupation needs on the labour market in Krapina Zagorje County in order to direct the unemployed people to occupational retraining in defined deficitary occupations.

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