Project duration: 03/2014 – 07/2015

Client: Zagreb Holding

Team leader:  Sanja Tišma, PhD

Croatian membership in the European Union provides Zagreb Holding (ZGH) the possibility of co-financing development projects from structural and investment funds of the EU (ESI funds). Following the proposed priority areas of financing development projects in the Republic of Croatia in the period up to 2020 ZGH recognized the need for Development Strategy of Zagreb Holding 2014-2020. The strategy provides a framework for preparing and implementing development projects of ZGH with the possibility of co-financing through EU funds.

The strategy will serve as a framework for future development of ZGH and as the basis for preparing and proposing development projects. The project also included:

    1. Analysis of development problems and needs, and assessment of the situation in all key areas of business of ZGH, with special emphasis on the limits and possibilities for effective management and operations, and the strengthening of human resources in ZGH.
    2. Proposed vision, strategic goals and priorities of ZGH development for the period 2014-2020.
    3. Proposed measures and project activities that lead to the achievement of priorities and appropriate development goals of the Development Strategy of Zagreb Holding 2014-2020.
    4. Development of the Action Plan in order to make operational and implement the Development Strategy of Zagreb Holding 2014-2020.

Representatives of relevant stakeholders actively participated in all the tasks and activities of the development of the Development Strategy, and the implementation of the project enabled the raising of qualification for strategic development planning of the Zagreb Holding staff.

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