Project duration: 9./2019  – 11./2019

Client: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia

Team leader: Aleksandra Uzelac, PhD

Within the framework of the project “Digital competences for the heritage sector in Croatia”, IRMO, in cooperation with partners from Great Britain (Culture24), organized a three-day educational workshop entitled “Building Digital Skills and Literacies for Museums and Digital Archives” (Zagreb, 20 – 22 November 2019) which focused on building digital skills and digital literacy among cultural workers in the field of heritage (museums, archives and libraries), needed to develop quality digital content and services. As a basis for the work at the workshop, research was conducted through an online questionnaire on the state and perspectives on digital competencies and strategies in museums, archives and libraries in Croatia. The target profile of the participants was employees from heritage institutions who are involved in the development of digital online content in their parent institutions. 26 participants from 21 heritage institutions registered for the workshop. The workshop made it possible for Croatian cultural workers to acquire some necessary knowledge in the field of digital skills and competencies that can improve the ways in which they communicate with existing and new users via digital networks. The evaluation of the participants showed that this kind of education is extremely necessary for the Croatian cultural sector.

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