Project duration: 3/2017 – 4/2017

Client: LAG Zeleni Bregi

Team leader: Ana-Maria Boromisa, PhD

The project empowered LAG Zeleni Bregi to complete its obligations within the framework of the Erasmus+TELI2 project by analyzing the questionnaires and reports of the focus groups held in six partner countries regarding the knowledge and skills required on the local level. The analysis of existing knowledge and requirements represents the input for the development of the education system, i.e. the accreditation system for the curriculum on the implementation of the LEADER approach. Three English-language reports have been prepared within the project framework – the analysis of the questionnaires from the six partner countries, the analysis of the focus groups, and the summary report. The analysis demonstrated the need for some generic skills (e.g. advanced computer and internet usage skills) and specific skills related to the implementation of the LEADER approach.

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