Project duration: 2/2011 – 12/2012

Client: Foundation of Centre for Entrepreneurship of Somogy County, Kaposvár, Hungary; VIDRA- Virovitičko podravska County Regional Development Agency

Team leader:  Sanja Tišma, PhD

The main objective of the project is to pursue a higher level of economic development and cooperation, uniting the two regions. On a short-term basis the project can contribute to the foundation of the practices to reach the objective by identifying stakeholders and make them learn the ways for an efficient cooperation. On a long term, the stakeholders themselves can also contribute to meeting the objectives. The main benefit of the project is a reinforced cooperation between the members of the target group: businesses and the organisations dealing with business development on the two sides of the border. This will lead to a higher level of economic activity, contributing to a higher level of employment in the two regions, decreasing the peripheral status of these areas. The purpose of the project is to foster the capacity of cross-border planning in economical and regional development and to prepare a common strategy for economical development of both countries.

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