Project duration: 1/9/2023 – 229/11/2023

Client: Association CERANEO

The coordinator of the project: Sanja Maleković, PhD

The activities included the analysis of the situation and the evaluation of the Center’s activities so far, including the creation of a SWOT analysis, the definition of the development needs and potential of the Center, the proposal of the mission and vision, as well as the strategic goals and development priorities of the Center. Finally, based on the defined key strategic framework, an Action Plan was drawn up, which, in addition to the stated strategic goals and priorities, defined key activities, their duration, coordination and funding sources.
The main goals of the project were:

  • created a high-quality and operational Strategic Plan of the Center
  • contribution to strengthening the understanding of the entire process of strategic planning among the employees of the Center


  • created a high-quality and operational Strategic Plan as a basis for the effective operation of the Center in the medium-term period until 2027
  • ensured compliance of the Strategic Plan with relevant national strategic documents, primarily with NRS 2030, as well as with relevant documents at the EU level
  • increased level of understanding of strategic planning among experts involved in the strategic planning process.
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