Project duration: 10/2014. – 03/2015.

Client: Parabureau d.o.o.

Team leader:  Sanja Tišma, PhD

Within the framework of the project “Encouraging local development – NP Krka” IRMO has elaborated Manual for assistance to development projects in local communities along National Park Krka. The workshops intended for target groups i.e. local residents and employees of the Public Institution “NP Krka” on preparation and application of project proposals as well as implementation, evaluation and reporting on the implementation of the projects financed by the internal fund of the NP Krka, will be held during March 2015. The aim of the project is to strengthen local stake holders’ capacities in the project field for shaping and implementing project ideas that will be based on the increasing tourism activities in the NP Krka. The fulfilment of that aim has been reached by the elaboration of the manual defining the framework and guidelines for ensuring financial and professional assistance to the local residents in starting up and implementing of sustainable business activities. A system of small grants would enable funding of local projects, but also strengthening of knowledge of local stake holders on business possibilities at their disposal dew to dynamic development of tourism in the NP Krka. Apart from the use of manual, local stake holders have additionally increased their knowledge and skills in writing, implementing and preparing project proposals through the workshops and also developed awareness on the importance of partnership approach in the implementation of local development projects.

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