Project duration: 1999 – 2001

Client: UNDP

Origin of Funding: European Commission

Partner: ILO

The main objective of the project was setting up local economic agencies in war-torn areas with aim to foster local socio-economic development in and post-war economic rehabilitation of three Croatian war affected regions.

    • to create the necessary understanding and environment for establishing the first LEDAs in Croatia
    • to raise capacity for local economic development, participatory approach and consensus building related to local economic development in the related areas
    • to transfer experiences and best practices from EU and transition countries related to setting up and functioning of LEDAs
    • to promote all the necessary activities necessary for establishing LEDAs (the necessary institutional arrangements, consensus related to the mission and role of the LEDAs and other)
    • to establish the LEDAs (including technical and logistic issues) and to promote them in the related areas


    • capacity raised for local economic development in all areas and consensus reached regarding the necessity of establishing LEDA’s, their mission and roles
    • study tours implemented enabling the transfer of best practices and cooperation with foreign LEDAs
    • first 3 LEDAs established and staff recruited

Type of Services Provided

    • training organised with the aim of raising awareness and knowledge on local economic development and their main instrument – local economic development agencies with the aim of supporting post war rehabilitation and development in Croatian war affected regions
    • study tours organised with the aim of transferring foreign best practices and initiating initial networking of the local stakeholders with foreign institutions
    • all necessary technical and other activities involved in setting up and establishing LEDA agencies
    • support in elaborating a UNDP/UNOPS Operational Guide (additionally supported by ILO) related to setting up LEDAs
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