Project duration: 2007 – 2008

Client: Croatian Ministry of Culture

Origin of funding: WB/GEF

The CRRGP represents Component 2.iv. of the WB-GEF Karst Ecosystem Conservation (KEC) project. The KEC Project’s Project Appraisal Document (PAD) of April 2002 describes the goal of the CRRGP in at least three ways. First: “The goal…is to demonstrate linkages between rural development and biodiversity conservation.” The goal of the CRRG project is to encourage projects in biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of biological resources in the KEC project region; community development and increased civil society participation in biodiversity conservation; and NGO activity in conservation.

Specific objectives of the CRRGP as follows:

    • enhance the objectives and activities of the KEC project by supporting community-based initiatives which address the KEC goal;
    • demonstrate the link between the objectives of conservation and tangible benefits for local communities;
    • develop replicable approaches to economic development which ensure biodiversity conservation;
    • strengthen new and emerging local civic groups and NGOs in order to promote biodiversity conservation;
    • test innovative approaches and technologies to biodiversity conservation; and
    • establish partnerships between local communities, protected areas administrations, NGOs and PIUs to promote sustainable development of local communities in the KEC project area

CRRGP was intended to support and finance entrepreneurial sub-projects through grants for local communities to develop small businesses, dissemination of knowledge on biodiversity, nature protection, environmental education and increased public awareness. A total of 342,020.98€ in GEF funds was awarded in the form of grants to farmers, artisans, entrepreneurs, businesses, individuals, NGOs and others. The Program started in September 2002 and was finalized in December 2007. During this time, a total of 23 small grants were supported through the GEF funding. In June 2005, the Government of Norway provided an additional 136,775.6€ grant (co-financing) for the CRRG program. This funding supported an additional seven small grants.

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