Project duration: 06/12/2023 – 06/02/2024

Client: Ministry of Agriculture

Project manager:  Sanja Tišma, PhD

The process of ex-ante evaluation includes the assessment of the draft Bioeconomy Strategy by 2035 and proposals for improvements. Situation analysis, SWOT analysis, development needs and potentials will be evaluated. The proposed strategic framework – vision, strategic objectives and implementation mechanisms /key areas of intervention will also be evaluated. The proposed indicative financial plan, the proposed performance indicators according to the set strategic goals and the achieved partnership in the development and subsequent implementation of the Strategy will be evaluated. Evaluation will be implementedted on the basis of clear evaluation issues with special emphasis on the criterion of relevance, consistency and coherence/coherence of the Strategy, in order to ensure the necessary internal intervention logic of the strategic document.
The specific results of the project are:

  • Three written reports and three presentations to the Evaluation Committee
  • Presentation of research methodology
  • Presentation of the final report
  • Final report on the implementation of the evaluation process.

The aim of this project is to carry out the ex-ante evaluation of the Bioeconomy Strategy by 2035 with the impact of improving the horizontal and vertical alignment of the strategic document and contributing to setting a clear strategic framework for all relevant stakeholders.

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