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Project duration: : 5/2014 – 3/2017

Client: City of Zagreb

Team leader: Sanja Maleković, PhD

The project is primarily directed towards contribution to the final quality of the Development strategy of the City of Zagreb for the period till 2020. This has been done by applying a substantiated assessment of relevance, justification, consistency, coherence and efficiency of the Strategy. The project has also resulted in contribution to the understanding of the ex-ante evaluation and strengthening knowledge and skills of the ex-ante professionals from the City of Zagreb. The project has made it possible to use the results as a basis for continuous improvement of the development policy of the City of Zagreb through creation of the basis for a new sustainable urban rule, raising the level of key stakeholders in the city and strengthening their responsibility for use of public resources and achievement of sustainable results. The approach in realization of the ex-ante evaluation process of the Strategy has been in accordance with the phases of its elaboration: 1. Elaboration of the State analysis and SWOT analysis; 2. Defining strategic goals of the development priorities and measures; 3. Identification of implementation mechanisms of the Strategy and elaboration of the financial framework for the implementation of the development measures.

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