Project duration: 05/2009-06/2009

Client: UNDP

Overall goal of this Project is to develop clear guidance to local administration in order to enhance their knowledge and offer them practical solutions for favourable treatment of energy efficiency projects in their budget. Specific objectives are: drafting the proposal for the Ministry of Finance for nationwide and unified legislative and practical solutions for removal of identified barriers to energy efficiency projects implementation in local administration; handbook with necessary steps that should be undertaken in the energy efficiency projects planning process and in their treatment in the budget planning; education of local administration employees; indirectly the Project will strengthen the communication and open the possibility for cooperation within representatives of local authorities with or without experience in implementation of energy efficiency projects as well as with existing ESCO companies in Croatia with experience in implementing energy efficiency projects in local administration facilities.The final results of the project are: prepared Handbook for favourable treatment of energy efficiency projects in local administration budget; prepared presentation materials to promote the Handbook and to educate local administration employees; organisation and presentations on four regional workshops.

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