Project duration: 14/12//2020 – 30/4//2022

Client: Interreg Adrion

Team leader: Daniela Angelina Jelinčić, PhD

The project deals with monitoring the process of development of innovations in sustainable tourism through the implementation of projects in the area of ​​EUSAIR with the creation of recommendations for EUSAIR. Annual reports will follow innovations in the establishment of tourism policy at the EUSAIR level, i.e. innovations that imply destination management, and the coherence and synergy of the impact of innovations on the tourism industry in problem areas:
1. Innovation and innovative processes in the market positioning and promotion of sustainable tourism of EUSAIR destinations: a) trends and users – innovations in research and access to users; b) new technologies in the function of visibility and promotion;
2. Innovation and innovative processes in the management of EUSAIR destinations – in planning and stimulation of: a) structural content of destinations – sustainable use, evaluation, presentation, and interpretation of natural and cultural attractions; b) infrastructure contents of destinations (accommodation, hospitality, traffic, information contents, applied new technologies…), c) supporting contents of destinations (activities in destinations); d) relations with the local community (participatory and interactive models of cooperation…)
3. Planning and stimulation of innovative processes of development of business models and products of sustainable tourism in the area of ​​EUSAIR: a) innovations in the field of entrepreneurial initiatives and the development of companies ; b) innovations in the field of product development; c) innovations in technological support for business models; d) innovations in tourism education.
The goal of the project is to systematize knowledge in the field of innovation in tourism in order to connect it with the topic of innovation in other thematic areas of EUSAIR, conducive to the innovative development of the entire area.
The expected results of the project include the development of guidelines with recommendations for innovations in the establishment of tourism policy.

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