Project duration: 2019 – 2023

Client: Ministry of Science and Education

Team leader: Daniela Angelina Jelinčić, PhD

In accordance with the objectives of the IPIK project, in 2023, the members of the project team were engaged in researching topics that observe the developmental power of culture (psychological well-being of museums; cultural tourism, sustainable  tourism and so-called eudaimonic tourism; experience economy; cultural and natural heritage; mobility in culture or tourism; cultural diversity), i.e. management in culture (governance and management, participatory management, organization and management, leadership skills in museums), they published a total of 11 scientific and professional contributions, of which 4 scientific papers in highly ranked journals, 1 author’s book, 2 chapters in a book, 3 professional papers and 1 editorial board of the journal. In addition, 5 more scientific papers, 5 chapters in the book and 1 author’s manual have been prepared, the publication of which is planned for next year. Also, a higher education textbook was prepared in co-editing. All published scientific papers are indexed in prestigious databases (SCOPUS, WoS), with 2 published in journals Q1, 1 in Q3 and 1 in Q4. During 2023, the results of the project were also presented at international scientific conferences, mainly abroad. Also, cooperation within the existing EU projects continued (KEEP ON, New Public Culture and Spaces of Sociality) and work began on the new More Than a Village (MTAV) project, as well as on domestic projects (Zagreb City Culture Development Plan for 2024-2030). 15 new projects (3 Horizon, 2 Creative Europe, 1 Interreg Central Europe,, 1 Interreg SI-HR, 1 Interreg IT-HR, 1 Interreg Danube, 1 USA Small Grants Program, 1 local marketing plan, 1 local audience development plan, 1 regional cultural policy project and 1 national cultural policy project) were also submitted, with 1 project successfully evaluated (Interreg Central Europe) and the signing of the contract is expected in early 2024, and for 1 project the results are still expected. Cooperation within European (Interpret Europe, Cluster of Cultural Pathways, European Association of Social Psychology) and domestic associations and foundations (ICOM Croatia, Interpret Croatia, Croatian Ethnological Society, Kultura Nova Foundation) continued. She is also a member of the scientific committee of the European Association of Heritage Interpreters, Interpret Europe. The project associate was appointed to the Board of Directors of the European Network on Cultural Management and Policy (ENCATC), is a member of the advisory board of the international journal The European Journal of Cultural Management and Policy, a member of the scientific council on the international scientific project EPICA – Empowering Participation in Culture and Architecture and a member of the Board of Directors of the UNESCO World Heritage Management Plan “Old Town of Dubrovnik”. All obligations related to the PhD study of the project associate have been successfully fulfilled.

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