Source of financing: European Social Fund – ESF

Project coordinator: Klubtura Association of Associations

Project duration: October 29, 2020 – October 29, 2023

The coordinator of the project: Ana Žuvela, PhD

a) setting up the research methodology and research schedule, designing and conducting research on public cultural centers and civil-public partnership, and participating in the implementation of research on new models of infrastructure for culture and social activities
b) leading the process of writing 6 guidelines, which includes designing the process of drafting guidelines, collecting and analyzing the necessary data for drafting guidelines, coordinating the entire process of drafting the guidelines and mentoring teams in charge of writing the guidelines regarding quality standards in the process of drafting guidelines, writing part of the guidelines and final formatting of the guidelines themselves, and implementation of the consultative processes. Preparation of an analysis of the social impact of the proposed guidelines.
c) preparation of 2 scientific articles that result from the conducted research

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