Project duration: 1/2007 – 1/2009

Team leader: Nevenka Čučković, PhD

This is the new long-term research project financed by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports for the period of 2007-2009 (project number 0171682-1288).

The main goal of this research is to contribute, though the assessment of the impact of main international structural changes and integration processes, towards a consequent change and adjustments of the Croatian economy, especially at macro and microeconomic performance levels (enterprise sector, human capital, technological progress, science, innovation, trade, industry, finance etc.). This project strives to examine several dominant components and levels that determine the Croatian competitiveness rank, economic restructuring and entrepreneurship development in the knowledge and innovation based economy. The first level is the position of the Croatian economy in comparison to EU member countries with regard to main indicators of competitiveness and economic efficiency. The second one is the level of the business environment and institutional-legislative framework which directly affects the business enterprises. The third one is the level of key efficiency and competitiveness factors at the level of enterprise, which includes technological progress, knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship indicators.

The research results will include comparative analyses of the bulk of relevant statistical and qualitative indicators with selected EU and other benchmark countries, which would continuously test the relative position of Croatian economy and its main competitive strengths and weaknesses. Such an analytical base would be useful to policy makers for the adjustment of some key economic, technological and social policies in Croatia, which will dominantly shape and determine the competitive ability of Croatia as a future EU member but also at the world market.

IRMO Project Collaborators:

    • Krešimir Jurlin, PhD
    • Senada Šelo-Šabić, PhD
    • Valentina Vučković

External Collaborators:

    • Will Bartlett, PhD (Bristol, UK)
    • Slavo Radosevic, PhD (London, UK)
    • Matija Rojec, PhD (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
    • Mia Mikic, PhD (Bangkok, Thailand)
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