Project duration: 16/2/2022 – 15/8/2023

Client: European Commission, European Social Fund – ESF

Team leader: Senada Šelo Šabić, PhD

Within the project, a survey was conducted on the state and needs of civil society organizations in the field of leadership in Croatia. The research included an analysis of relevant documents, reports and a comparative review of the literature on leadership in civil society organisations in other countries. Furthermore, a qualitative and quantitative survey was conducted on the state and needs in the field of leadership in civil society organizations in Croatia. A leadership education program for civil society organizations, mentoring and coaching was developed and implemented.

IRMO conducted the research part of the project. The project coordinator was the Professional Network of Women and Men of Croatia, and the partners were the Algebra University College, IRMO, the Centre for Civic Initiatives Poreč, the associations Totalno dobro, Prostor imaginacija and Dobar dan from Zagreb, the association Žena from Drniš and Pavleka Miškina Elementary School from Zagreb. The goal of the Leadership Academy is to provide civil society organizations with individual, tailored support in developing their leadership capacities.

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