Project duration: 1/2016 – 12/2016

Client: State School for Public Administration, Zagreb

Team leader: Karolina Horvatinčić

State School for Public Administration in partnership with the Finnish Institute of Public Management (HAUS) conducted the IPA Twinning Light Project “Strengthening of the capacities of the State School for Public Administration.” During the project Finnish experts held a seminar “Elaboration of development Scenarios for Public Administration.” The purpose of the seminar was improving the practice of strategic planning with skills of long-term creative reflection and determining scenarios and to strengthen students for determining development visions using that method. The aim of the seminar was to educate students on how to use the method of development scenarios in their own organizations and how to elaborate scenario for Croatian public administration. During the project that method was adjusted to the students of the State School for Public Administration. Specific characteristic of the seminar was encouragement of out of the box thinking for the needs of the reflection upon long-term development. Development scenarios method consists in five steps: PESTLE analysis, defining factors of change, selection of factors of change for determination of development scenarios, analysis of scenarios, impact of the scenarios on the management process and measures for preparation for adequate response.

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