Client: Geotechnical Faculty, University of Zagreb

Financing: Co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development

Project duration: 31/05/2022 – 31/07/2022

Project leader: Sanja Tišma, PhD

The development of the “Study of the impact of climate change on agriculture” is part of the project “Management of karst coastal aquifers threatened by climate change (UKV)” (KK. The main research activities of the project are related to the analysis of the legislative framework, strategic – planning framework and analysis of previous knowledge about the impacts of climate change on agriculture with an emphasis on changes related to water resources at the level of the European Union and in the Republic of Croatia. Three pilot areas are being worked on in detail – Zadar and its surroundings, Blatsko polje on Korčula and Vransko jezero on Cres. Based on the findings of the research, adaptation measures to climate change in the state of water resources for the agricultural sector were prepared.

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