Project duration: 04/2005-10/2005

Client: ECORYS and Ministry of Public works, Construction and Reconstruction

Origin of Funding: EU CARDS Programme

Partner: ECORYS

Provide managers of the National Strategy for Regional Development, and regional policy generally, with a single reliable tool for tackling regional disadvantage – as well as measuring the reduction of disparities – in the shape of an agreed and unified set of socio-economic criteria.

Project Outputs

    • appraisal of existing Category III of Law on Areas of Special State Concern – in terms of relevance, adequacy, reliability and applicability as encompassing framework for targeting socio-economic across Croatia;
    • report based on comparison with at least three other similar models in different countries;
    • workshops organized to test relevance adequacy, reliability and applicability of recommendations
    • report elaborated setting out final recommendations – including issues for implementation

Type of Services Provided

    • Initial discussion/exchange of experience to identify and agree the relevant benchmarks for the evaluation and comparative exercise – (common benchmarks to be agreed by April 25th (Both IMO and Ecorys)
    • Comparison of four/five EU models – deskwork and report by Ecorys, (“proofed” by IMO to reflect Croatian reality)
    • Design of evaluation template and preparation of structured interview framework and questionnaire – piloted by IMO
    • Appraisal/evaluation of the existing model which included interviews and focus group phase
    • Preparation of initial recommendations
    • Workshops with legal working group/strategy working group and other key stakeholders
    • Drafting of final recommendations
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