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Authors: Damir Demonja, Ivana Šagovnović and Igor Stamenković

Journal: Sociology and Space: Journal for the Research of Spatial and Sociocultural Development, Vol. 60, No. 1 (223), 2022, pp. 89-109

DOI: 10.5673 /sip.60.1.3

Publisher: Institute for Social Research in Zagreb

Year: 2022

 ISSN 1846-5226 (print) and ISSN 1849-0387 (online)


The tourism industry contributes greatly to stakeholders at tourism destinations but also leaves negative prints on the environment. Besides, both tourism providers and tourists are often linked to unfavorable associations with nature and disrespectful behavior towards the destination’s natural resources. Hence, understanding what influences tourists’ attitudes and behavior towards the environment is of great significance. Previous literature has already shed light on the importance of people’s sociodemographic characteristics in molding their environmental attitudes and behavior. Thus, this paper attempted to investigate whether tourists’ sociodemographic variables influence their eco-friendly attitudes and behavior when at tourism destinations. Similarly, such personal characteristics have been confirmed to assist consumers in their preferences towards product packaging. Based on this and the fact that green products could enhance the quality of the environment and modify consumers’ behavior, the present study also focused on tourists’ perception of green packaging and branding. The survey research was carried out among 368 Serbian tourists. Results confirmed differences in eco-friendly attitudes between male and female tourists, as well as between travelers of different occupation statuses and monthly income. Moreover, findings pointed out that tourists’ age correlates positively with their eco-friendly attitudes and behavior. Interestingly, no significant differences were detected in the case of perception of green packaging and branding. Practical implications for destination marketers will be discussed in the paper.


Tourists’ sociodemographic characteristics, green packaging and branding, eco-friendly   attitudes, eco- friendly behavior


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