Author: Damir Demonja

Publishers: Meridijani Publishing House and the Institute for Development and International Relations

Year: 2022


This monograph on Paris is a unique collection of 18 texts, divided into three parts. The first deals with the Parisian architecture, the second with its interesting museums, and the third part is dedicated to the city’s cultural and touristic attractions. The texts are written in an objective and professional manner, interesting for all age groups and the title idea of joy permeates the text, which gives joie de vivre, in this case joie de Paris, a new perspective. At the end of the book, the author gave an overview of the selected literature, offering the most recent look on the subjects addressed in the book, which can serve to deepen knowledge about the French metropolis.

The contribution of this monograph to Croatian culture is twofold: it will allow a better understanding of Paris as the center of the world culture, and it will certainly attract readers to visit the city, not only the well-known Parisian places, but also the lesser-known, but equally attractive and interesting ones. That is why each text is equipped with useful information, besides addresses and contacts: about ticket prices, working hours of museums and institutions, how to get there, which public transport to choose and more. Each text is equipped with numerous photographs, most of which are the author’s, while the rest are from other Croatian authors and available sources.

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