naslovnica publikacije

Authors: Todd Martin, Ivana Orlović, Lana Gojković

Editor: Ana-Maria Boromisa, PhD

Publisher: IRMO

Year: 2020

ISBN 978-953-6096-90-9

This publication is the result of the conference Expamding cooperation of EU and Japan – Opportunities for Croatian presidency, organized in Zagreb during November 2019. It is intended, above all,  for entrepreneurs; and its goal is to outline business opportunities with Japan.

Circumstances have changed in the meantime. World trade is expected to fall between 13 and 32 % in 2020. The duration ofthe  recovery from the negative effects of the crisis on the economy will depend on the implementation of structural reforms, industrial and development policies, and their linkages with foreign policies, national development strategies and negotiating positions in international organizations. For Croatia, this primarily refers to relations within the European Union and the development of relations with third countries. This publication is focused on Japan – as one of the possibilities that is rarely considered in Croatia, and even less often used.

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